The mission of the State Senate Democratic Committee, or SSDC, is to help elect Democrats to the Wisconsin Senate. As the campaign apparatus for Wisconsin Senate Democrats, the SSDC serves as a logistical hub for both incumbent Democratic members of the Wisconsin State Senate as well as prospective candidates.

SSDC’s resources are used exclusively to assist Senate candidates and their campaign organizations to further the goal of achieving a Democratic majority in the Wisconsin State Senate. To that end, the staff and members of SSDC work extensively with candidates and grassroots volunteers and organizations to strengthen the campaign efforts of those seeking election to the Wisconsin State Senate.

SSDC staff assist candidates with technical advice on strategy, targeting, fundraising as well as messaging and media planning. The SSDC staff and members have many years of experience working with Senate candidates and campaigns and regularly put that knowledge to work on behalf of both first time candidates and incumbents seeking re-election.

We are at an unprecedented time in Wisconsin’s history. Governor Walker, in coordination with the Republican-controlled legislature, has launched an all-out assault on the working families of Wisconsin. They have shattered our common sense progressive and pragmatic values and institutions with their attacks on public education, health care and the voting rights of our citizens. Now, more than ever, we need a Democratic majority in the State Senate to stop and reverse the assault on the working families of Wisconsin.

The State Senate Democratic Committee is working every day to elect candidates who will fight against and reverse the Walker agenda.

The Senate Democrats are committed to protecting the most vulnerable individuals in our society while getting Wisconsin back to work.

Now, above all else, we need to stand up for working families in Wisconsin but we cannot do it without your help.

Please stop back often for updates and information about what we are doing to protect working families in Wisconsin.

You can help the Senate Democrats fight back with a contribution today.

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  • TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I was advised by Melissa Sargent to contact you about my possible candidacy for Glen Grothman’s former seat. I realize there’s another appointee in that seat and he’s following the policies of Grothman. I am 70 yrs. old and a former clergyman (ELCA). I am a professional public speaker and very effective. I feel strongly that someone must take that seat. Grothman is/was a disgrace to Wisconsin and to men in general. Call me a sacrificial lamb if you’d like, but someone needs to take this on. Why not me? Please let me know if you’d like to support me in this effort. email: cadary@gmail.com phone: 608-413-0619 Cross Plains, WI ( and yes, I can easily move to the district).
    Most Sincerely,
    Rev. Carter A. Dary, M.Div. (retired)
  • Governor Walker is in the process of paying back all his big money supporters. Mining interests, school choice or the Koch Brothers he is giving them everything they wanted. He is stripping mining law, and tuning what was once one of the best educational systems in this country in to that of a 3rd world country. He is a very small man with a very small mind and he needs to be stopped.
    Signed, Michael A. Homann
    Former Republican.