We are at an unprecedented time in Wisconsin’s history. Governor Walker, in coordination with the Republican-controlled legislature, has launched an all-out assault on the working families of Wisconsin. They have shattered our common sense progressive and pragmatic values with their attacks on public education, health care, worker's rights, and the voting rights of our citizens. Now, more than ever, we need a Democratic majority in the State Senate to stop and reverse the assault on the working families of Wisconsin.

Here at the State Senate Democratic Committee, or SSDC, we work towards that goal by helping elect Democrats to the Wisconsin State Senate.

Our Democratic message of growth, opportunity and innovation is resonating with families across the state. As we approach election day, Wisconsin voters will see a clear contrast of values between our candidates and their opponents. This contrast will work in our favor and help us retake the State Senate in November.

You can help the Senate Democrats fight back with a contribution today.